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Studio KalaNiketan is a representative of India’s precious handloom heritage, instantly recognizable the world over for its richness, variety, and iconic prints. At Studio KalaNiketan, India’s long and varied textile and design tradition come together with our unique interpretation, and become the foundation of our creations. Peacocks and horses, wild flowers and paisleys, and other such motifs to create a vibrant living tableaux, coexisting with inspiration drawn from architecture and other visual arts.

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Customer Reviews

Priti Doshi, Mentor and Former Associate Director Fashion Design at Indian School of Design and Innovation – ISDI

The STUDIO culminates all that Kala Niketan stood for many, many years and much more!

The store unfolds so many stories on forms, colors, designs, fabrics and silhouettes which are beyond words to express!

A wonderful experience that one can’t resist but would want to own everything that is seen!

The humility and simplicity of the makers clearly reflects in the experience which makes it unique.

Gita Bajaj
Mumbai, India

I feel products are the reflection of the persons making !! Each and every product from STUDIO Kala Niketan are carefully designed and sincerely crafted for peoples pleasure . I have bought 2 soft and thin beautiful printed shawls – so thin but warm shawls that I can fold them and carry them in my 👜 purse and cherry on the cake is I always get compliments whenever I drape them 👍

Sunita Rajwade
Mumbai, India

Shopping at KN Prints is like shopping in Alladin’s Cave . With each piece better than the other , it’s hard to come out with just one . The shawls , stoles and scarves are not just beautiful, they are collectibles. Combining traditional motifs with a subtle colour palette and exquisite weaves , KN Prints has a unique range of high quality, high fashion products.

Rahul Kapadia
Mumbai, India

I have been an old customer of KN prints for its scarves / shawls – they exemplify a uniqueness of design, colours & quality to top it off. I have gifted to various clients and have received applauds for the same . Unmatched quality !

Dominique Luck, Designer and Owner of Paperlace Sleepwear
Cape Town, South Africa

I have been dealing with Studio Kalaniketan for over 2 years now and I have found them to be very professional, friendly and they offer an excellent quality of printed cotton. I have grown my businesses reputation by using their exclusive beautiful prints and I look forward to many years of working with them in the future.

Ruma Badle
Mumbai, India

I was very lucky to have worked with one of the oldest traditional Textile Giants ! An experience that will remain with me till my last breath! I cherish the memories and thank Mr Bharat Parekh for giving me this opportunity! Here what I enjoyed the most was the free hand given for creativity and competitors would wait to replicate our catalogues ! We being the best in the Industry no one can hold our hand for the intricacy and immaculate designs ! Each artwork was like an art piece and appreciated from elite clients !
Mr Parekh has always been a source of inspiration to me ! It was the best learning experience for me !